I'd Like to Complete It

The bike was locked to the pole in the middle of the aisle. At first I thought of just doing a portrait of the bike (you know, because it wouldn't move on me). But then a tall, lanky guy slid into the seat behind the bike and sat very still, headphones in, energy/nutritional drink in hand, fingers tapping at his phone.

And there it was, the beginning of an interesting drawing. It started with his hairline, his ear, then the back of his skull. Curving around his brow, I met the seat. And the wheel and the breakline, and then the doors dinged and I had to get out. I scrambled to pull out a card, gestured at my drawing and said, "The portrait, I'd like to complete it." Startled, but he nodded, and then I was off the train.


  1. Thanks for sharing. No subways here in South Dakota, but we gather now and then to sketch each other.If you don't mind, I will share your journey with them.

  2. Thank you, Steve - yes, please feel free to share this project with your sketch group. After all, we never know when our paths may cross! ;)


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