Should've Been

It's been a long week, as usual, and I'm coming home from work on Friday night. I was thinking about my to-do list, how it keeps on growing and growing (good thing I've got a little pink octopus to cheer me on) and so I felt like I just wanted to have a quiet moment on the train to decompress. But the mood was perfect - people relaxing, space increasing, me sitting - WHY didn't I break out that sketchbook!?!

The couple across from me was having a discussion and I watched as their faces reacted to each other. I wondered how they were going to spend their Friday night: were they going somewhere? Were they coming home? They formed such a sympatico pair, and it would have been an optimal drawing - the train even seemed to move slower, urging me to take up my pen and put down my phone. I knew I'd be on the train tomorrow though, there would be another chance... but aw, what the heck, I'll ask them. As the train coasted to my stop, I approached ("Sorry to interrupt you, but etc.") gave them each a card and hopped out of the train. I told them "I should have been sketching [you], but it's Friday, and I'm tired."

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