I was writing a post about procrastination and excuses tonight on my way home from work (which now has been tabled to bring you this breaking story). The train was more full than usual at this time of night so I didn't get a place to sit, which means I didn't get a chance to sketch.

Looking around though, I saw a woman with a sherbet-colored, chevron-striped jacket and a butter yellow crocheted cap. She looked approachable, so I wanted to ask her if I could paint her portrait. She was leaning against the door, and I was standing on the other side of the pole. I would have had to scootch around the guy between us to get to her, so I planned out how I might just chill a while and catch her before she left the train. She was reading a book, so I just waited and returned to my post about procrastination.

The guy on my right and the guy on my left both had their smartphones out, passing the time, same as me. But the guy on my right was playing chess. (I'm a Mahjong girl, myself.) I watched his screen as the pawns came out, and then the knight crashed through the lines. Bishop, Rook, Queen; "Check..." blinked at the bottom of the screen. As I heard the announcement for my stop, I noticed that he put his phone away (he must be getting out here, too!). I pulled out a card, tapped him on the shoulder and said, "I like that you're playing chess, not Angry Birds." (Handing him my card, telling him about my project, and he said...) "Yeah, I'll check it out."


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