I didn't think I'd get a seat on the train coming home from work today. What's more, I knew it's going to be a heavy week ahead preparing for Art Naples with the gallery so I'd almost resigned myself to just chilling out on the train. But lo, there was an open spot on the bench and I squeezed myself in. Awkwardly fumbling for my sketchbook (and behold!), I wanted to catch the couple across from me. She had silky, relaxed roller-curls and he had a hairstyle I've only seen once before, on an NYAA student, Yi Cao (MFA 2011). I sat, staring for a bit; they were moving slowly, seemed like they were tired too. I wanted to sketch both of them, but I only had time to get his likeness before my stop. And then I almost, again, resigned myself to stopping there because I didn't have any cards left on me. But they stepped out at the same place I did and walked across the platform. Hurriedly scribbling "beforeItransfer.blogspot.com" on a page of my sketchbook and tearing it out, I crossed over to them and showed them the portrait. I told them that I wanted to draw both of them, but didn't make it in time before the train stopped. Inviting them to be a part of the beginning of my project, I gave him the note and he held out his hand. "Hello, my name is Craig," he said, "what's yours?"

Stunned by his ease and candor, I hope they will both take me up on the invitation to paint their portraits. Craig, it was nice to meet you!

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