Last Saturday, I went to a workshop at CUE Art Foundation. Hamish Smyth from the design firm, Pentagram, was speaking about cohesive design and branding. His work is so tasteful, direct and elegant. (Please check out his site.) As I was listening to Hamish's presentation, I noticed that he had a distinctly beautiful skull shape. With his black glasses perfectly proportioned and framing his temples, the ear-piece echoed the seam in his skull where the temporal plane meets the mastoid process. Much like his design work, the way he presented his appearance was refined and chic. Enrapt, I studied each plane, calculated the value shifts, noted the reflections. And while this drawing project actually starts in the subway, I still pulled out my sketchbook to capture his lovely skull.

Now, I think I might know what you're thinking: perhaps you're muttering something along the lines of  "Hmm, she seems a bit psycho"? Weelll, funny you mention that. During Hamish's presentation, he shared with us the "business card scene" from American Psycho. The increasing anticipation, the catch in breath, the shivers one gets from the perfect combination of line, texture and color... in the same way Hamish's passionate about design, I'm passionate about human anatomy.

After his talk, I thanked him and introduced him to this project, noting that no one to whom I have handed out cards has yet taken me up on my offer to paint their portrait.  Hopefully, when I come back for a critique next month with my new website mockup, he'll be a part of this project with an actual portrait... of his beautiful skull. 

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