Hearts and Transformers

A couple days ago, I was riding/sketching home when a dad and his two children popped into the train. He asked the younger, dark-haired woman sitting next to me for confirmation if the F train was indeed stopping at 63/Lex (it wasn't - they were working on the escalators). Boisterous and boundary-less, the two kids plopped into the space between us and started chatting with my seat-neighbor. The F train's route still in question, I perused through my apps to pull out a subway map. Little fingers, despite gentle admonitions from his father, began to spread and swipe the map like a pro. (Apparently he knew exactly where to go.) The route no longer in question, his focus returned to his Transformer toy as I pocketed my phone again.

The father continued conversing casually with the young woman and I resumed my sketching. But the little girl's attention was focused on me, now. And since her brother had already mapped out his territory, she wanted to explore, too. She sweetly asked if she could draw something on my sketch and I gave her my pen. She drew a couple hearts and then her little brother drew a Transformer. The older lady across from us (seen in the sketch) watched with a chuckle.

As the train pulled into their stop (and since this kind of heartwarming, transformative conversation rarely - if ever - happens on the subway), I told the dad about my project. "Actually, I'm working on a project to paint portraits of people I meet on the subway; I don't have a card on me - otherwise I'd give you one and would love for you to be a part of it" and he noted to himself, "Before I Transfer dot Blogspot dot Com." (Note to self: reprint new cards.) I mentioned that in a couple of days, he may see a post on my blog of his children's artwork and I hoped that he would check out my project. 


  1. Great post Charis. The project puts you in awkward, surprising situation. Go get 'em, we'll have to experience the adventure second-hand.

  2. Anonymous29/5/14 00:18

    not necessarily relevant, and it was a long time ago, but do you remember what Transformer the boy had? (Love your project btw)


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