Weird? No!

I was out to drinks and nachos with friends and alumni of my graduate school last night and I told them about my project. While the idea seemed to appeal to them, the actual delivery of the card-to-person via transit vehicle raised a few flags in re: social norms.

With encouragements to just sneak photos of folks via iPhone and then sketch at home, I tried to explain that the project stands as a metaphor for making the most of every connection - and while I try to maintain an approachable demeanor (no, John, I am not going to get a pair of anatomically-correct skull tattoos on my neck, even though that would be totally acceptable in this art world) ;) I vociferously maintained that "I am not a weirdo" for pursuing this project.

Dear readers, what would you think if I asked to paint your portrait on the subway?


  1. To be completely honest I would wonder what your alternative motive is for asking me. I don't know if it comes my paranoia from watching way to much "Law & Order" or some unfortunate life lesson I have latched on to (whether it be true or not) but that would be my first thought. My second thought would be a negative judgment of myself like how could this person think that I am worth painting? However, if we had shared a moment or a laugh at something. If we had broken the first layer of ice in some way (commented on the long line for coffee in the coffee shop or something) I probably would be more open to your request. I guess you have to find those people who are living their lives also for connection with others. The people who are open to life and experiences. I don't think everyone is. The question is how do you find those who are. Maybe we need a secret handshake?

  2. Anonymous21/2/12 20:11

    I would think that it was the coolest request ever, and would agree wholeheartedly. That being said, you have a friendly, approachable demeanor. I may not be as enthusiastic with every person!

    All the best to you in this project, Charis. I say go for it; forget the naysayers!


    1. Anonymous21/2/12 20:14

      Oh, and that being said, won't you please bump into me on the 7 train on a Tuesday, sometime around 9:30pm? I will be sure to agree to a portrait! --jad.

  3. Anonymous22/2/12 14:54

    As long as you aren't creepy looking I'd totally do it. Not naked though. ;)


  4. Anonymous22/2/12 15:49

    I'd let you. But you wouldn't want to because I can't sit still.


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