If someone asked you on the subway to paint your portrait, how might you react?

When I posted my question on facebook, my facebook friends responded. Here are their thoughts:

    • Sarah I'd smile, of course!
      Friday at 10:26am 
    • Doris Id want to see a sketch first
      Friday at 10:49am
    • Clair How would you ask?
      Friday at 10:56am
    • Peter That depends on: 80%-what the person looks like. 20% -how they ask the question.
      Friday at 11:29am
    • Jane I'd start taking my clothes off.
      Friday at 11:37am
    • Charis J. Carmichael Braun Oh, Jane.
      Friday at 11:41am 
    • Peter For instance, Charis, even if I didn't know you, I think I'd let you draw me on the subway. However, if you said (with a low breath-y monotone) "I really need to paint you," I'd jump off the train while it was still moving.
      Friday at 11:41am 
    • Charis J. Carmichael Braun Yowza. Well, Peter - I kindof did that once, (see my first post for this project = http://beforeitransfer.blogspot.com/2011/04/almostbut-not-quite.html) and that's why I'm trying to work up the courage to try again.
      Friday at 11:44am
    • Peter Sorry, I didn't mean to break your confidence. I guess to put what I'm saying into different words... from your blog, it seems like your desire to draw her hands was primarily an emotional thing - and that's a wonderful thing and probably something that makes you a better artist. However, personally speaking, I would be more responsive to a logical argument, like "Hi, I hope you don't mind, but I'm an artist and for some reason, I find your hands very interesting. I was wondering if you would mind if I sketched them." N.B.-I have never been to NY so I probably couldn't find the "pulse" of NY'ers with a stethescope.
      Friday at 3:21pm
    • Peter Oh yeah, and chasing me up the stairs on the way out of the subway would probably scare me a bit too, but again, I'm not exactly native.
      Friday at 3:21pm 
    • Charis J. Carmichael Braun I chased... reservedly. You're right - the reaction to her hands was emotional. And you're also right, I think I'd prefer the logical straightforward approach. In any case, I just don't want to come off as ... creepy. (:-/
      Friday at 3:25pm 

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