Road Trip, along the way

Speaking of pursuing life as a journey, I want to share some things I was thinking/tweeting during the in-between times (and a few photo collages, just for fun) along the recent road trip:

The view over Jersey, Atlanta, somewhere in between, and southern Minnesota.

29 July 2011, 2245 - Preparing to "take off" tomorrow and hoping that everything is packed. (Note to self: Tweeting is *not packing.*) What shouldn't I forget?

31 July 2011, 0715 - Startin' the day with Jose... (I mean Mr. Valdez.) Sunday mornings with a relaxing, energizing, sun-filled porch to park.

Viridian: Green Giant's still there, the silos in 'Kato along the Blue Earth River, my favorite field along 14
and the purple roads on 68. 

31 July 2011, 0908 - Out on 169 with The Current in my ears an' Drew's eyes on the road.

31 July 2011, 0916 - Thinking about Hopper: eerie crisp sunsurfaces, the silent pathos in City life; one bleaches you out, the other takes your breath away.

The view of my homeland, with home-folks from Hermann Heights, New Ulm.
("Hermann the German" is the second-tallest freestanding copper sculpture. New York's Lady Liberty is first.)

4 Aug 2011, 0024 - Drew's two redbulls in tonite, Metallica's exited light, the sunflower seeds are flying & I'm beating angry birds. America's on the radio.

5 Aug 2011, 1917 - The billboard says TrustAndrew.com.

Lakes, bagels, beers, friends, green everywhere and ... sky.

6 Aug 2011, 1928 - "Racine" the clock.

6 Aug 2011, 2045 - Duskyscrapers & bleak industry. Flat hoods, elevated ways w/o windbreaks. Huxtable isn't here. And Jill says, "Continue 365 miles on I90."

Chicago, Indiana, Ohio, and the night ahead. 

6 Aug 2011, 2131 - Ind he's my dad, Gary. Dark between the white lines without my glasses but Luna's so bright she gives the sky black eyes.

7 Aug 2011, 0017 - Stopped for a Frisco in fog so thick you could butter Bruegger's bagels with it. Dr. Pepper is joining for the ride, Lady Gaga fades in&out.

7 Aug 2011, 0055 - Lights flashing in a multi-colored haze, hot, humid. Volume's so loud I might have blisters. Saturday night Ohio reminds me of Switzerland.

7 Aug 2011, 0129 - Ottawa (original road trip) Cty. Trapp (college classmate) Rd. Fleetwood Mac (sister's tape) remix. Sandusky (gma neighbors) Cty, Ohio is...The Land of Memories. (Or was that Missouri's motto?)

I know you've deceived me, now here's a surprise; I know that you have 'cause there's magic in my eyes.
I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles...

7 Aug 2011, 0633 - Daylight breaking grey, alleghenie rolling. Hills and clouds winding under, over, with each other.

7 Aug 2011, 0730 - That Schneider (thump) is shamokin!

7 Aug 2011, 0924 - 3 gaps: in the clouds, 'twixt the greens and on the radio. Going thru the Garden this morning.

7 Aug 2011, 1000 - Spotted a CT car with license plate "240 ULM" on the BQE. Everything is connected. ;)

7 Aug 2011, 1020 - From 7pm: 6 bathroom breaks, 5 energy drinks, 4 bridges, 3 snackstops, 2 happy kittens and 1 parking spot later, we're home.

Drove fourteen hours straight, he's my hero.

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