Hunters Point

Coming home from a doctor appointment, I took the 6 down to Grand Central to catch the 7 because it's a beautiful spring day and I wanted to be in the friendly sun, above the ground. I don't take the 7 often so I thought it would be a good time to pull out my camera and capture a video of one my favorite places in the city to share with you.

The train was not full at midday and the usual types were sitting across from me: an Asian teen with Converse sneaks and headphones, a high-heeled, career-clutching young woman, and a middle-aged man in a Fedora reading his newspaper.  I placed myself by a west-facing window and waited for the Hunters Point station because I wanted to record the train bursting out of the ground into the sunlight. Practicing my camera sweep - where I check my timing and steady my hands - the Newspaper came down and angry eyes underneath the Fedora told me to "STOP." A startled me replied, "You want me to what? But this is my phone." Granted, that was not the most gracious response; I may need to work on that. The Newspaper huffed and his Fedora glared and muttered something about no respect (did I detect a mob-like accent through his hushed tones?) before standing up and walking away.

The bigger guy sitting next to me mentioned, "Ooh, he must be wrapped up in something." (0:08) I shrugged and focused on the upcoming graffiti-ganza as the train tracks turned north, frustrated that a southbound train had rolled in just as the best view emerged (0:56). But after I'd finished recording, I put my phone down and pondered; I wondered if I had actually captured Newspaper/Fedora's image... but I didn't want to obviously check, so I refrained from sweeping my eyes around the car.  Upon a subtle circumspection, I didn't see a Fedora. I paused; this would provide a perfect opportunity to test my memory.*

I pulled out my sketchbook. Seeing the quick portrait of my pastor from church last night, the big guy noted, "You draw?" and I told him about my project. Still not having any cards on me, I wrote out my website address, ripped it out of the corner of my page and handed it to him. He told me about how his son was a budding artist, drawing the scenes from Ghost Rider. As we chatted, I could not shake the feeling that I was being watched, but I couldn't see Newspaper/Fedora anywhere. My stop arrived and as I exited the train, I took a look - just in case. I spotted him at the back of the car, standing by the opposite side doors.

Oh boy, did he ever shoot me some daggers as I walked off the train.

*Ask me about the time I stared down a misbehaving punk on the subway by leveling the threat, "I'll draw you." 

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  1. Please tell me about the time you stared down a misbehaving punk on the subway by leveling the threat, "I'll draw you."


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