The Journey / The Destination

So as I'm riding this train, I'm thinking of what it feels like to be on the train. Go down this track with me for a minute:

Jumping into a car just as the doors close feels like "an accomplishment." (Yay! You did it!) Clicking past each station, each closer to your destination, feels like "purpose" (I'm going Somewhere.) Overhearing conversations across from you feels like you're "a part of this Whole Big Machine."

But what really happens - most of the time - is that I just sit here with my eyes glued to my smartphone; everyone else is looking at theirs, too; not participating, ignoring, sometimes even unconsciously occupying seat space until they are just... gone. And then I start to think about the bigger thing for which we've all purchased a ticket at some point of our respective rides: Ambition. What am I accomplishing with this train ride? Where am I really going if I just sit here... and just wait to get off?

Some people think about "The Journey" and some focus on "The Destination" as they go about their daily lives. I lean toward the Destination, and my husband enjoys the Journey. But we're both learning from each other as we travel our lives together - that passively focusing on a journey may run it off course unawares, and aligning one's eyes only to the destination prevents often interesting side roads of discovery. Both my husband and I strive to balance while time moves us along. So where are you? What are you doing as you're riding the train?

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