Refilling Your Metrocard

Do you just follow the prompts? Do you watch your reflection? Do you try it in Chinese or Spanish? Or do you contemplate the consequences of putting the $10 refill vs. the "unlimited" option onto your ticket?

As you punch in your zip code to confirm your choice, do you imagine what the next zip code might hold? As you wait for your refilled Metrocard to be spat out of the machine, do you map out low long your next journey might last?

I do.

And not just this morning; not just because these questions might lead to life-changing responses in the near future. Every time I refill my Metrocard, I envision what the trip might bring, where it falls into the schedule of my life and yes - whether it will be my last. (Thanks Dad, for the persistent musings on mortality.) We like to create metaphors about our experiences on this earth and then put them on wheels, tracks and feet. You know them just as well as I do:

"... begins with one step."  |  "It's not about the destination, ..." |  "If you don't know where you're going, how will you ever ..."  |  "The only journey is the one within.”

So now I'd like to share some profound inspiration from the MTA with you,
"Touch Start to Begin."


  1. You may not know where you are going I think the the little sign in the bottom right corner of your picture reminds us about another fact of this life of ours...you only get a "single ride." I look forward to seeing where your "START" takes you!

  2. Thanks for your insight, Laura - yes, that's a reminder that we shouldn't take for granted!


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