If your life were mapped out for you, would you want to see where the road is leading?

Speaking of "road signs," there have been a number of markers in the past couple of weeks that I've told myself are significant. They've been pointing toward a more tenacious grip on finding creativity, finding solutions for integrating a consistent studio practice into making a living. Though I feel like I'm driving in a fog right now, not able to see clearly what is ahead, I'm keeping my GPS* on the dash of my mind.

All these road metaphors must have something to do with the transportation device that surprisingly blew into our lives. We now own a Volkswagen Golf, and my dear husband just informed me that the car was named after the Gulf Stream wind like the other cars in that series. Winds of change, right?

This vehicle is currently located in Minnesota. We've got a big road trip ahead of us
to retrieve the car and bring it back home to New York.

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