I'm in it now.

Charis Carmichael Braun, Between 23rd Ely and Queens Plaza,
Dec 3, 2009, 
pen on paper, 6x9in.

My husband was deliberating the merits of pursuing a job away from the City. I was meditating on something a friend had said:
"People who leave New York don't miss the life they had in New York. They miss the life they thought they could have had in New York."
I thought about this project, how I hadn't started it yet and how difficult it would be to complete if I left the weaving web of the subway tunnels and sifting streets of the city blocks and the many, many colors and shapes and sizes and spirits of people I wouldn't be able to see again... I considered abandoning the hope that I would find kindred spirits among them - finding a connection I could have had.

But we haven't left yet.

And I haven't started the project, really, yet. (Well, kindof.)

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  1. Anonymous8/7/11 18:25

    Do you think that this web of subways and tunnels reflects life in a way? Think of it: all the different ways you could go and then you finally get comfortable with "your way"? Life is rich Charis; life has so many different ways to go.


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